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Trust-IT Services Ltd
Communications & EU projects
Senior Research Analyst
United Kingdom

Proud participant in the highly successful 5G PPP. Phase 1: 5G-ENSURE on 5G security, privacy and trust, which has received a lot of media attention. In phase 2: Global5G.org on 5G for vertical industries and small cell deployments - policy harmonisation. Leader of a truly extensive and active 5G community across EU and globally (45+ countries), including large companies, SMEs and standards specialists. Contributions to 5G PPP working groups, such as SME WG, Pre-standardisation WG and Trials WG, including the International Co-operation Stream.

Proud participant in the next generation internet (NGI), leading the European Champions Panel with experts on start-ups and incubators, technology convergence, civil society, internet governance and standardisation, helping to drive a human-centric, inclusive and sustainable internet for all Europeans.

Business development: co-author of many Horizon2020 proposals and SME instruments - happy to meet partners, new and old, and talk more at ICT2018.

Web site: http://www.trust-itservices.com

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