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Founded in 2007, Ubiwhere is a Portuguese SME focused on Research, Development and Innovation of software-based solutions in the areas of Smart Cities, Telecom and Future Internet, and New Technologies. We have the innate desire of changing the World. That's why we create, design and develop solutions that improve people's life. Day by day, our multi-skilled team works to bridge the existing gaps in the market.

Expertise: IoT, edge computing, networks, data analytics,


Use Cases: Smart Cities, Autonomous and Connected Cars, Industry 4.0, Agritech, Water

Products & Projects: Urban Platform, UNICLE (V2X), TecnOlivo, StoryWine (Zenithwings)


Submitted by: Eunice RIBEIRO (Ubiwhere, Portugal)

Work programme session: DT-ICT-01-2019 - Smart Anything Everywhere

ID: 23137