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Cap Digital (www.capdigital.com/en) is the French Hub for digital and ecological transformation in the Paris Region and the largest cluster in Europe. Created in 2006 as a non-profit organisation, Cap Digital counts more than 1000 members; mostly SMEs but also large companies, academics and policy makers. It focuses on 6 markets: Technologies, Big Data & AI, Industry & Services, EdTech & Training, eHealth & Well-being, Cultural & Creative Industries, Smart Cities & Ecological Transition.

We provide our members with public & private funding solutions, R&D project reviews, experimentation through open innovation programs, business coaching and internationalization services, training on data and AI, networking, intelligence (through market watch, publications, studies), etc.

Work with us and benefit from our ecosytem and network, our experience in more than 20 European projects and our expertise as Coordinator or WP Leader.

As regard the ICT-24-2018-2019 : Next Generation Internet - An Open Internet Initiative, Cap Digital is NGI NCP and shares a common human-centric vision of technologies and is calling for another way to build a digital economy. As a triple-helix organization gathering the booming French tech ecosystem, we are able attract the top French Internet talents. We have strong experience in managing successful open calls and selecting the best innovators. We are used to deliver solid value-adding services, including coaching and mentoring.

Submitted by: Julia MORAWSKI (Cap Digital, France)

Work programme session: ICT-24-2018-2019 - Next Generation Internet - An Open Internet Initiative & ICT-31-2018-2019 - EU-US collaboration on NGI

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