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Artificial Intelligence in Horizon 2020 & Horizon Europe

Room 2.17, 04/12/2018 (16:00-17:30)

How to join the European ecosystem

In April 2018, the European Commission put forth a series of measures to place artificial intelligence (AI) at the service of European businesses, governments and citizens. These measures include escalating public and private investment in AI to boost Europe’s competitiveness, preparing for the socio-economic changes it will trigger, and ensuring an appropriate ethical and legal framework.

The session will present ecosystem building activities in Horizon 2020 and the strategic outlook for the future. It will highlight the opportunities for stakeholders, especially SMEs. Since AI is transversal and its implementation is multi-disciplinary, the opportunities will be numerous and diverse.

The workshop will raise awareness of the coordinated AI strategy, its implementation in Horizon 2020, and its future in Horizon Europe. It will present community building activities, focusing on the AI4EU project. It will also address how collaboration with National Contact Points (NCPs) can support these objectives.

The session will gather:

  • the AI-on-demand platform (AI4EU)
  • the relevant contractual Public Private Partnerships (cPPP): Big Data, Robotics, HPC
  • the European Association for Artificial Intelligence (EurAI, TBC)
  • the Artificial Intelligence High Level Group
  • the European Commission


  • The coordinated AI Community – European Commission
  • The AI4EU initiative
  • Panel discussion: reflections from the ecosystem: cPPP & EurAI

Coordinated by: Edina NEMETH (National Contact Point for ICT & FET in Hungary, -, Hungary)

Organised by: Géraud GUILLOUD (Luxinnovation, European Fundings, Luxembourg)




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I like to participate.



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