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European Digital Economy Policies in context of US developments

Room 2.15, 06/12/2018 (10:00-10:45)

Get a readout of US views and positions on a range of Digital Economy Policies and enter into conversations.

The Digital Single Market policy priority modernises our digital policy landscape. This did not go unnoticed across the Atlantic and the United States, public and private actors alike, have shown a keen interest to understand motivation and drivers for the EU's high pace of digital policy setting.

Notably the rules of the road for the future data economy (GDPR, ePrivacy, free flow of data, ...), tech initiatives on Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technologies, High Performance Computing, 5G and our rich work on digital platforms are in focus of US attention. This fuels conversations in which Europe is frequently seen as thought leader in digital policy setting - but equally faces criticism with regulation stifling innovation. In a conversational style we discuss positions the US takes on different EU policies and explore options for building a more effective and delivering collaboration.

10:oo - 10:10 Welcome & scene setter, Peter Fatelnig, Minister Counsellor for Digital Economy Policy, Delegation of the EU to the USA

10:10 - 10:35 Panel Conversation and Questions from the audience

  • Jose Gonzalez, Chief "make it happen" of a brand new EU-US fellowship programme
  • Andra Bagdonaitė, Chief Innobooster at Startup Division
  • Fabrice Clari, Chief Thinker at the EU-US think tank project ThinkNEXUS
  • Peter Fatelnig, Chief Moderator

10:35 - 10:45 Wrap-up

Organised by: Peter FATELNIG (European External Action Service - European Commission, DG CONNECT, United States of America)



Silas OLSSON, 30/10/2018 13:33

Hi Peter,

Nice to see that you are organizing this event.

Will you cover any thematic area...like health...


Silas (Sweden)


Peter FATELNIG, 30/10/2018 22:01 in reply to Silas OLSSON

Hi Silas, good question. I will try to focus the session on Digital Single Market policies, and more specifically to those where there is some transatlantic interest, like privacy or AI. Health is close to my heart as I started out in that domain, but likely will not feature high in this conversation (but then of course privacy and AI are big in Health...). But hope to see you in any case!



Peter FATELNIG, 20/11/2018 16:35

Follow what the EU does in the United States: http://www.euintheus.org/


Peter FATELNIG, 20/11/2018 16:42

The EU will be at South by Southwest - SXSW 2019: http://euinaustin.org/


Peter FATELNIG, 20/11/2018 19:23

Please note a relevant side event “EU-US Roundtable on the Interplay of Technology & Policy in Data Privacy” at the ICT 2018 conference. http://aegis-project.org/aegis-eu-us-roundtable-data-privacy-ict-2018/


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