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Enabling Tech for Pervasive Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)

Room 2.17, 06/12/2018 (09:00-09:45)

CPS are a significant part of modern society infrastructure, act on the real world and need to be highly dependable. 4 themes:

T1-CPSwarm “Dependable User Interactions for Collaborative Autonomous CPS”

CPS Swarms are complex herds of heterogeneous CPS systems that interact and collaborate based on local policies and that collectively exhibit a behaviour capable of solving complex, industrial-driven, real-world problems.

T2-DEIS “Science of Dependable System Integration”

The key innovation here is the concept of Digital Dependability Identity (DDI). DDIs are used to integrate components into systems during development and for dynamic integration of systems into systems of systems in the field.

T3-Bonesyes “Dependability through Elastic AI”

The focus is on the industrialization of this concept for IoT application and devices. Elastic AI will apply elasticity concepts to develop robust, privacy-preserving, and explainable AI systems. In addition, Bonseyes aims at deeper embedding of digital rights management and ethics in AI engineering.

T4-CERBERO “Adaptive Dependability for Critical Infrastructure”

This theme considers 1)adaptivity to changing operational requirements or environment and robustness to potential failures or malfunctioning; 2)safe KPI-based dependability; 3)design methodology for adaptivity and safety from requirements to their evaluation over CPS lifetime.


Video presentation

Organised by: Charles ROBINSON (Thales, Critical Embedded Systems Laboratory, France)



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