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Preparing a Flagship initiative on Future Battery Technologies

Room 2.44, 05/12/2018 (16:30-17:15)

With the publication in May 2018 of its Strategic Action Plan on Batteries, the Commission announced the preparation of a Flagship initiative on future battery technologies.

As a response, scientists, institutes, and research associations representing organisations all over Europe got together to prepare a large scale Flagship initiative on future battery technologies, named Battery 2030+. The vision of Battery 2030+ is to address the greatest challenge for the future of energy storage: to achieve smart, ultra-high-performance batteries within a sustainable framework. This means a disruptive, long-term research approach complementing other on-going activities in Europe with a clear goal to present new concepts and ideas supporting European industry. The Battery 2030+ preparatory work will deliver a 'Battery Manifesto' highlighting the ambition, the vision and the main research challenges of the initiative. The Manifesto will be released at the ICT 2018 Conference.

This session aims i) to present the state of preparation of the initiative and ii) to engage with stakeholders in a discussion on the main technological research priorities that the initiative will address. It will focus in particular on the key contributions of digital technologies to the future of batteries.

Speakers: Kristina Edström (Uppsala University Sweden), Tejs Vegge (Danish Technical University Denmark), Silvia Bodoardo (POLITO Italy), Elie-Elisée Paillard (Forschning Zentrum Juelich, Germany).

Organised by: Kristina EDSTROM (Uppsala University, Department of Chemistry - Angstrom Laboratory, Sweden)



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