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Austrian Presidency Village (ACV Level 0)


Austrian AAL pilot regions


Area: Austrian Presidency Village (ACV Level 0)

Stand number: AT06

AAL (Active and Assisted Living) products and services promote older people’s independence and social participation, improve their personal safety and well-being, and support healthy lifestyles. In the course of the last years, a wide range of technologies and services were developed that have the potential to contribute to an increased quality of life for older people. Beyond their ability to support every-day activities and a successful integration into the personal life and daily routine within the target group, the development of holistic service concepts and sustainable business models are critical for successfully introducing AAL solutions to the market.

Since 2012, seven AAL pilot regions were launched in Austria. The main goal of these pilot regions is to evaluate the impact of AAL technologies in daily use considering the entire value chain.

Within the ongoing pilots RegionAAL, WAALTeR, Smart vitAALity and fit4AAL, a wide range of AAL solutions is being tested in different regions and cities of Austria involving significant numbers of users. Within the Austrian Village, the pilot regions will present their solution approaches and will provide an overview on first findings from the ongoing evaluation studies. Additionally, the social robot Pepper will be presented, which is used in the project AMIGO for the entertaining motivation of people with dementia to perform daily activities in a concept of integrated multimodal training.

Website: http://www.aal.at

ID: 22820