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Innovation & Startups Village (ACV Level 1)


HUman MANufacturing workplace


Area: Innovation & Startups Village (ACV Level 1)

Stand number: INNO1

EU manufacturers are increasingly adopting automation solutions that can improve productivity and reduce costs. Enterprises’ ability to use these technologies may be their single most important competitive advantage. The specific skills, experiences, competences, and flexibility of workers are pivotal to and at the core of this ability. In order to create a healthy workplace and increase the competitiveness of the manufacturing firms, we need to create an optimal environment for human automation integration and cooperation, that harnesses and supports the workers’ capabilities.

The HUMAN project, with 12 partners from 6 European countries, aims to define and demonstrate workplaces where automation and human workers operate in harmony to improve the productivity, quality, performance of the factory as well as the worker satisfaction and safety.

Website: http://humanmanufacturing.eu

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