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Creating Networks & Technology (Hall X4)




Area: Creating Networks & Technology (Hall X4)

Stand number: C21-C22

Many objects in our world are controlled by computers: cars, buildings, manufacturing machines or even musical instruments. In these cases, computers interact directly with the physical world; that is why we call them “Cyber-Physical Systems” (CPS).

CPS may be very complex, and there are no mature engineering techniques to deal with this complexity, especially when many CPS have to work together. This is a big problem: just think about the self-driving cars that in a few years will roam across our cities, and that will have to guarantee safety and reliability in any condition.

The project CPSwarm addresses this challenge: it develops tools and methods to manage swarms of CPS systems that interact and collaborate based on a set of rules and that can collectively solve complex real-world problems.

CPSwarm is demonstrating their results using three scenarios: search and rescue with swarms of drones and rovers, swarm logistics, and automotive CPS systems for freight transportation. CPSwarm is in its first 18 months and at ICT 2018 they will show their first results in form of a demo with drones and other robots.

Website: https://www.cpswarm.eu/

ID: 22222