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Creating Networks & Technology (Hall X4)


A technology transfer success story from Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) projects


Area: Creating Networks & Technology (Hall X4)

Stand number: C11

Could computers someday interact directly with the human brain? This was the question launched by the HiVE project back in 2008; a grand vision led by Starlab that resulted in the development of ground-breaking brain stimulation technologies. HIVE became a technology transfer success story, consolidated through Neuroelectrics. Starlab is now leading the FET project LUMINOUS that aims to advance science on consciousness and to find applications for consciousness measurement and alteration grounded on non-invasive brain monitoring and stimulation techniques. To achieve these goals, we model brain function in computers and conduct human studies –in healthy perception, sleep, anesthesia, full-conscious but completely paralyzed patients, coma patients, and in utero– supported by Artificial Intelligence to disentangle the essential aspects of consciousness. This paradigm-shifting work will have profound social and clinical impact and provide key insights in human and machine consciousness.

In the booth you will experience how science can be transformed into technologies with positive social impact. We show the technology developed within HIVE and the products that have since then been commercialised through our spin-off Neuroelectrics. We also demo the concept of modifying perception via interactive cognitive tasks and real-time experiments from LUMINOUS. We benchmark your brain waves. You will play in demo/games with multi-site brain stimulation, and its relation to consciousness.

Website: http://www.luminous-project.eu/

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