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Creating Networks & Technology (Hall X4)




Area: Creating Networks & Technology (Hall X4)

Stand number: C07

HOT and PHENOMEN are aiming at developing new technologies based on microscopic optomechanical elements for sensing, communication & signal processing. They are meant to connect complex blocks exchanging photons and electrons.

HOT recently demonstrated optomechanical isolators and circulators, paving the route to entirely new platforms for quantum limited and nonreciprocal devices for optical communication and superconducting quantum computers.

PHENOMEN is building the basic components for phonon-based communication on chip, at ambient conditions. After a successful development of robust optomechanical phonon sources and detectors operating at sub-GHz frequency, focus has shifted to nonlinear effects, such as phase synchronization, aiming at building on-chip distributed frequency sources.

PHENOMEN project

HOT project

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