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Transforming Industry & Economy (Hall X4)


Flexible Large Area Sensors for Highly Enhanced Displays


Area: Transforming Industry & Economy (Hall X4)

Stand number: T16

The project FLASHED (Flexible Large Area Sensors for Highly Enhanced Displays) set out to develop and evaluate an enhanced (pressure-sensitive) touch interface based on large-area (larger than a credit-card) printed piezoelectric sensors for integration with flexible displays. In addition, it explored a supporting feedback layer, based on printed relaxor ferroelectric polymers allowing for localized haptic/acoustic feedback. With the integration of these flexible touch, feedback, and display layers, we entered the next level of human machine interaction by enabling intuitive input modes such as bending, twisting, varying touch pressure levels and hand gestures.


• Cost-efficient production due to printing technologies;

• Large area piezoelectric elements on arbitrary surfaces;

• Optimized energy balance due to self-sustaining sensors and their integration in various appliances;

• Novel, more natural human-machine interaction allowing for new user modes.

Website: http://www.flashed-project.eu/

Watch a video presentation.

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