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Transforming Industry & Economy (Hall X4)




Area: Transforming Industry & Economy (Hall X4)

Stand number: T03

As the world goes global, people and goods move around as never before, creating a wealth of opportunities. With increased mobility, it is crucial for transport and logistics to become more efficient, decreasing CO2 emissions. Big Data is expected to lead to 500 billion USD in value worldwide in the form of time and fuel savings, as well as savings of 380 megatons CO2 in mobility and logistics.

Despite the promises of conspicuous savings thanks to efficiency improvements, only 19 % of EU mobility and logistics companies employ Big Data solutions as part of value creation and business processes.

Transforming Transport (TT) validates the viability of Big Data to reshape the transport industry. It will address seven pilot domains of major importance for EU's mobility and logistics sector (e.g. Smart Highways, Proactive Rail Infrastructures, Dynamic Supply Chains).

TT aim is paving the road for smarter European transports.

Website: https://transformingtransport.eu

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