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Future scenarios for digitized supply chain

Room L6, 06/12/2018 (10:00-10:45)

Market trends are creating the urgent need for companies to significantly adapt the way they are organised and interlinked within supply chains (SC). In particular, acceleration of digitization can help European SCs to face challenges arriving from customisation, climate changes, scarcity of resources, social changes and lead to new and reconfigured SCs to shift from cost competitiveness to striving for the highest value. In accordance with the objectives of the NEXT-NET project (www.nextnetproject.eu, NMBP-37), this workshop will be a good occasion to discuss with participants about the role of digital technologies in improving supply chain management. Discussion will be around how structure, processes and resources in supply chains can need research in technologies like IOT, automonous systems, CPS, modelling. Emphasis will be given on how technologies are changing not only the internal structure of the companies but also the way they interact with other companies, the way machines produce, the way workers work, consumers buy. This workshop will be part of the bottom-up methodology applied in NEXT-NET and will help to define the research priorities for the future, linking digitization to the supply chain. Companies from process industry, discrete manufacturing, distribution and logistics, ICT providers will be invited to participate with a particular focus on some SC like automotive, consumer goods, machine tools, chemical and steel.

Organised by: Rosanna FORNASIERO (CNR, ITIA, Italy)



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