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Science-grounded Robotics: the TERRINet and RoboCom++ European Projects

Room 2.44, 06/12/2018 (09:00-09:45)

Europe is facing a number of challenges that have impact on the future quality of life and prosperity of EU citizens. Robotics can be a solution to some of these challenges. Europe is at the forefront of robotics research and manufacturing and the Robots can help creating new jobs and may foster a new wave of economic growth in Europe by boosting the deployment of ubiquitous robots and web-based robotic services.

The synergistic and virtuous interaction of the two European projects FLAG-ERA RoboCom++ and TERRINet aims at exploring the grand challenges of science-grounded Robotics and offering the top quality infrastructures and excellent research services in order to set up the frame of a Future FET Flagship initiative on Robotics.

RoboCom++ Project is gathering the community and organising the knowledge necessary to rethink the design principles and fabrication technologies of future robots, by fostering a deeply multidisciplinary, transnational and federated effort.

TERRINet Project is committed to grow and educate a new generation of researchers in Robotics able to design and manage future robots.

The proposed Networking Session aims:

• to present research services, access opportunities and the high-level training offered by the TERRINet Robotics Research Infrastructure Network;

• to grow the visibility of the RoboCom++ Community as a reference point for robotic research and development in Europe and worldwide; to present the Working Groups of the RoboCom++ Community

Organised by: Francesca CECCHI (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, the BioRobotics Institute, Italy)



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