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Realizing the promise of in-silico medicine. Challenges and opportunities.

Room 2.44, 05/12/2018 (17:30-18:15)

A variety of clinical reasoning technologies have reached maturity and with it the ability to improve clinical outcomes and the economics of healthcare. Nevertheless, medicine is still not adopting computer-based decision-support systems at scale. These instruments are facing challenges that are operational, cultural and governance, and require systemic transformations: in how patients are managed and empowered, how doctors are trained, and how the new models of care they drive are paid for.

This session will focus on:

1) The shared destiny of personalized and in-silico medicine, two complementary and interdependent paradigms.

2) How simulations are reshaping traditional clinical research bringing new digital approaches at the forefront of clinical validation of drugs and devices

3) How patient’s experience will drive technology adoption both inside and outside the hospital

4) How medical schools can adopt new models of education to prepare digitally literate clinicians

The call SC1-DTH-11-2019: Large Scale pilots of personalised & outcome based integrated care, can be an ideal opportunity to collaborate on advancing the state of these frontiers.

The panel is composed by:

  • Davide Zaccagnini, MD – Managing Director at Lynkeus
  • Edwin Morley-Fletcher – Coordinator of MyHealthMyData
  • Lucian Itu, Transylvania University of Brasov
  • Yanning Ioannidis, Athena Research and Innovation Centre

Organised by: Mirko DE MALDÈ (Lynkeus, Italy)



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