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Digital Innovation Hubs: The Way Forward

Room L6, 05/12/2018 (16:30-17:15)

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and their networks represent one of the main drivers for a socially inclusive and sustainable development of robotics. DIHs are considered key in the digitization of the European Industry. In the robotics domain, these DIHs aim at connecting the robotics technology development to actual implementation in the industry. Main obstacles to this plan are the difficulties in creating a single and easily understandable framework tailored for different needs and then implement it in a coherent way.

This session aims at encouraging and supporting the establishment of a strong network for the development of robotics-related Digital Innovation Hubs and their networks both within the framework of four Priority Areas (PAAs - distinguished between Healthcare, Infrastructure Inspection and Maintenance, Agri-Food and Agile Production) and across cross cutting areas such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data Analytics, 5G, and end-users. In order to achieve these objectives, euRobotics - the private side of the robotics SPARC PPP - aims at reaching out to other PPPs interested in this session to pave the way for future common initiatives in terms of alignment and development of common strategies for DIHs and their networks.

This session will try to establish/consolidate a network capable of bringing together different stakeholders and support the development of DIHs across Europe.

Organised by: Marco ROSA (euRobotics, Belgium)



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