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Innovation Ethics: Policy and Practice

Room 2.44, 06/12/2018 (10:00-10:45)

As advanced technologies play an ever more significant role in our everyday lives, the ethics of their application is increasingly to the fore of public concern. However, the development of robust ethical practice that can be applied to the ever-accelerating Research and Innovation (R&I) processes underpinning new digital technologies remains a challenge. While governments are moving towards improving protection of individual data privacy, e.g. through the EU introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, both private and public organisations are struggling to establishing robust ethical principles that can keep pace with the accelerating rate of change of technology. This cannot be addressed solely within the confines of policies for publicly-funded research. It must instead be based on an open and honest debate with commercial R&I practitioners about appropriate future methodologies and possible regulatory actions needed to enable viable ethical practice that can balance commercial benefits of digital technology with the broader social good.

Organised by: Dave LEWIS (ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin, School of Computer Science and Statistics, Ireland)



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