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Public Procurement of Innovation – access demand driven opportunities

Room 2.31, 06/12/2018 (09:00-10:45)

  • PCP/ PPI projects can trigger demand-driven research, stimulating the development of innovative solutions adapted to the needs of public administrations or other public institutions
  • Creating awareness in the different sectors and research communities, i.e. health, security, smart cities, energy or environment, with regards to the project and its (expected) outcome by the relevant stakeholder groups
  • Convincing individual end-users to adopt and/or apply the results, also after the project and support by the project partnership has ended
  • Outreach for use of PCP and lessons learnt among known and potential stakeholders
  • Supporting the diffusion and increasing awareness regarding Pre-Commercial Procurement and its use as a support for sustaining R&D
  • Stimulating collaboration with other relevant EU-projects
  • Ensuring the involvement of a critical mass of innovative industry with regards to the PCP tender process

Organised by: Marlene GRAUER (Competence Centre for Innovative Procurement (KOINNO), Germany)



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