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Standardization - A Pathway to your Success in the Market

Room 2.44, 05/12/2018 (10:00-10:45)

The main objective of the proposed session is to raise awareness of the work of standardization bodies (e.g. IEEE, ETSI, CEN/CENELEC).

Secondly, we will show how participants can get active in one of the standardization bodies and how the standardization process takes place in these different bodies.


  • Welcome and introduction (Thomas Reibe, EC DG Connect, ICT standardisation coordination)
  • Why and how to get involved in standardization? (Hermann Brand IEEE; Ultan Mulligan ETSI; Karl GrĂ¼n CEN/CENELEC Project BRIDGIT2)
  • Bridging the gap from research to standardization: CEN CWA Requirements and recommendations for assurance in the Cloud (RACS) (Aljosa Pasic ATOS)
  • Open standards drive business: Time Sensitive Networking for Automotive and Manufacturing (Marina Gutierrez Lopez TTTech)
  • The StandICT.eu project: Next call for funding European experts to participate in global standardization bodies (Simone Sacchi Project Coordinator - Trust-IT Services Ltd)
  • Q/A and discussion

Shaping an individual standard can be a significant advantage when entering the market not only for established large companies but also for SME. An overview will be given w.r.t how these bodies collaborate on different standards (e.g. 802.11p for ETSI ITS G5).

The session is combined with the successive one Unlocking the Value of Research through Standardisation" and lasts 90 min.

Organised by: Gerald FRITZ (IEEE Austria, Technology and Engineering Management Society, Austria)



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