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Transforming Industry & Economy (Hall X4)


energy services demonstrations of demand response, FLEXibility and energy effICIENCY based on metering data - FLEXICIENCY


Area: Transforming Industry & Economy (Hall X4)

Stand number: T02

The FLEXICIENCY project addresses critical components required to modernize the European electricity markets and to better enable a low carbon electricity value chain through creating competitive services for consumers/prosumers. This unavoidably includes easier access to data and related services across Europe in a nondiscriminatory way.

Our objective is to facilitate the deployment of novel services in the electricity retail markets thanks to a European Market Place prototype developed in the project, able to catalyze business-to-business interactions. It aims to facilitate the exchange of data and services across Europe and it is intended to act as contact point for business deals between electricity stakeholders.

FLEXICIENCY, financed by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme is now in its final phase. The European Market Place platform and 5 large-scale demonstrators in Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Sweden are running.

The new platform and core functionality will be showcased, as well as the main B2B and B2C services that are tested in the project: we are testing a variety of services like software (e.g. market analysis, consumption forecast and so on), or services to final customer that can be offered in new markets in a simplified way.

Website: http://www.flexiciency-h2020.eu/

Watch a video presentation.

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