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Network Slicing: 5G's new opportunities for industry and media

Room 2.95, 04/12/2018 (16:00-16:45)

Network slicing is one of the core features of the flexible and adaptive mobile network architecture being introduced with 5G. The EU project 5G-MoNArch enhances and completes the network architecture such that 5G becomes actually usable for many scenarios, and it develops features and innovations on network resilience, security and elasticity that support a wide range of industrial and media & entertainment use cases. 5G-MoNArch brings E2E network slicing into practice, with implementing and deploying two real-world testbeds, namely, the Hamburg Smart Sea Port and the Turin Touristic City.

This networking session shall spotlight the opportunities of E2E network slicing and the adaptive and flexible 5G network architecture for future businesses, within and beyond the scope of the project's use cases. The aim of this session is to cross-fertilize both the participant stakeholders and the organizing committee through the exchange of new ideas, use cases and services / applications. Beyond technical innovation this shall spotlight new business ideas enabled through 5G and network slicing. That is, the 5G-MoNAch ideas and innovation will be used to set the ground for a fruitful discussion driven through the visitors interaction and ideas. Hence, the visitors will be asked for their feedback and ideas on how to further develop and enhance the use cases and testbeds implemented in the project achieving thus a virtuous loop that will be beneficial for all the involved persons.

Organised by: Lars Christoph SCHMELZ (Nokia, Bell Labs Research, Germany)



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