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Inspiring a Digital Society (Hall X3)


Technology transfer of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) for the creative industry


Area: Inspiring a Digital Society (Hall X3)

Stand number: i13

Aerial footage is an indispensable resource for Creative Industries (CIs), since it expands their creative possibilities. The advantages of using drones are numerous:

a) they are less invasive – auxiliary equipment does not obstruct passages;

b) they are safer – there is no need to climb on a scaffold;

c) they allow to eliminate bulky infrastructure (scaffolds, jibs etc.);

d) they are affordable for SMEs – prices are in the range of a professional camera equipment.

However, professional drone use by CIs is limited to outdoor applications, since existing drones lack a precise and affordable indoor positioning system (IPS) and advanced safety features. Thus, the AiRT project developed a drone, which was especially tailored to the needs of the CIs when filming indoors. The AiRT drone incorporates an easy-to-set-up IPS based on ultrawide band technology, and is equipped with the latest passive and active safety measures.

Website: http://www.airt.eu

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