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Inspiring a Digital Society (Hall X3)


Personal decision support system for heart failure management


Area: Inspiring a Digital Society (Hall X3)

Stand number: i12-i17

Congestive heart failure, when the heart works less efficiently than normal, is a common and deadly disease. Proper disease management is extremely important and can save lives.

The HeartMan system empowers patients to manage the disease on their own. It provides them with a personalized exercise plan, nutrition advices and medication reminders, as well as assistance in self-monitoring and managing their environment. HeartMan includes several innovations, including psychological support and recommendations based on the patients’ psychological profile, and models predicting the patients’ quality of life.

The core of the system is a mobile app for patients, connected to a sensing wristband, and supported by a web application for medical professionals.

Website: http://heartman-project.eu/

ID: 22052