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Impact of the Data-driven AI in business sectors

Room L4, 05/12/2018 (10:00-10:45)

Artificial intelligence has experienced an incredible boom over recent years. With the digitalization of industry, an ever increasing amount of data is available, which facilitates machines to learn from individual cases and experiences. The collection of data via robotics application and IoT brings a new dimension and the demand to a close integration with these application and technology areas. This is complemented by advances in machine learning techniques (deep learning) and special purpose processors. However, so far only 20% of organizations that are aware of AI actually apply it in their business, most of them wondering what AI can do for them. In this session, we will reflect about what is driving today’s progress in AI, whether we should be afraid of AI or not, and what will be the steps to take the capabilities and adoption of AI to the next level. The session, organized by the Big Data Value and Robotics PPP, will bring together representatives of the four big data lighthouse projects TransformingTransport, BigMedilytics, BOOST4.0 and DataBio, who are working on the sectors of transport and logistics, health, manufacturing and bio-economy respectively. They will introduce their own experiences on how the availability of data has fostered data-driven AI in their respective sectors, and will open the discussion about how the combination of data, advanced machine learning and AI will contribute to the competitiveness of their industry and business sectors

Organised by: Daniel ALONSO (Instituto Tecnológico de Informática (ITI), BDVe project, Spain)



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