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Assessing the impact of extracurricular digital creativity activities

Room 1.61-1.62, 05/12/2018 (10:00-10:45)

•Digital creativity and digital skills acquisition are happening increasingly outside school in competence centres, libraries, coding clubs, fablabs, makerspaces & other settings.

•Companies, civil society organisations & universities run various digital skills training programmes, hackathons, coding boot camps and other for young people.

•These activities seem to be successful in attracting young people (14-30) to STEM careers, stirring their interest towards the digital and increasing their employability prospects.


•The methods for data collection and assessment of such activities are different and results are not comparable.

We would like to bring together stakeholders to discuss how to collect & make available open data (quantitative & qualitative) on digital creativity activities & how to assess the impact of these activities on young people’s participation in the digital economy & society (acquisition of STEM skills, digital & 21st century skills, school performance, skills retention, innovation capacities, career, etc.).

Our aim is two-fold:

1. To find out what frameworks for impact assessment of educational activities exist (e.g. Microsoft, Liberty Global, Google have developed such assessments).

2. To create a consortium of interested stakeholders and develop a proposal for a research project on the development of a framework to serve as guidance to organisations in assessing the impact of their activities. Such project could be funded by H2020.

Organised by: Gabriela RUSEVA (ALL DIGITAL (formerly Telecentre Europe aisbl), Brussels Office, Belgium)



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