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Data Science Skills for Society: From Big Data to AI, robotics and beyond

Room L5, 05/12/2018 (11:30-12:15)

The rise of Big Data has caused a huge demand of data analysts, data scientists and data-savvy business executives. As the AI wave becomes transformational across application areas, from enterprise to consumer platforms, from cybersecurity to robotics, the demand for data scientists is growing exponentially. Universities are rising to meet this demand with new degrees and courses but the unprecedented demand for talent is creating a considerable gap. The objective of this session is to discuss the evolving nature of Data Science skills needed to deal with Big Data and AI technology, being an ideal follow-on activity to build on a Skills panel in the main ICT programme. The session will identify data science skills challenges from the perspective of industry and society using a cross-disciplinary approach. We will discuss activities that could assist in addressing these challenges and identify future policy and recommendations. The session will enable a diverse group of big data and AI stakeholders to discuss challenges and opportunities for Europe in Data Science Skills. Networking is vital to both of these exercises to ensure that the appropriate breadth of European stakeholders contribute to the discussion, including technology experts, academics, practitioners, and policy-makers. We will conclude by inviting participants to join the BDV PPP in its actions to move the Data and AI skills agenda forward and support the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

Organised by: Daniel ALONSO (Instituto Tecnológico de Informática (ITI), BDVe project, Spain)



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