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Stimulating innovation over next generation 5G network infrastructures

Room L7, 06/12/2018 (10:00-10:45)

The session aims to stimulate an interdisciplinary discussion on the requirements for a 5G end-to-end facility from the industry customers’ perspective.

The idea is to explore with prospective industry customers of the 5G infrastructure the relevant key performance indicators for this network facility, including technical and functional requirements from multidisciplinary backgrounds of vertical sector industries. This should lead to clear operational and business key performance indicators (KPIs) that should be met in order that business innovation is stimulated over future 5G infrastructures.

The participants will have the opportunity to express their opinions and to engage in the debate.

The results of the session will be captured in a report and shared with the 5G PPP community and beyond, as well as the vertical sector industry stakeholders for consideration. We will specifically include the 5G infrastructure projects which are building the 5G end-to-end network facility. The results of the dialogue will cover fixed and multi-radio access, backhaul, core network, as well as service technologies and architectures, including end-to-end virtualisation and slicing to support vertical industry use cases and value chains.

Video presentation

Organised by: Milon GUPTA (Eurescom, Marketing and PR, Germany)




Filippo LEDDI, 03/12/2018 11:34

Dear Sirs,

We would be pleased, if possible, to join the panel and take part in the discussion.

At Holo-Light we create practical and professional Augmented and Mixed Reality software and hardware solutions for leading industry players in areas like engineering, manufacturing, design, services and utilities, and training. We are also pioneers in tackling the biggest issues in fully expressing the potential of AR/MR by developing deep tech to render 3D content remotely on an edge computing and a 5G infrastructure with low-latency data transmission and with our revolutionary input device Holo-Stylus (winner in 2018 of the German Innovation Award and the “Auggie Award” for the best input device at Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara).

Thanks for your attention and looking forward to your feedback.

Best Regards,

Filippo Leddi


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