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Shared Thoughts, Shared Solutions - Automated Driving meets Industrial IoT

Room 2.95, 05/12/2018 (10:00-10:45)

The main objective of the proposed session is to raise awareness on the common challenges (technical and non-technical) and potentials for shared cross-domain solutions arising in the domain of automated driving and industrial IoT.

In an interactive approach, experts from both fields will reveal parallels between the two areas

  • (a) automated driving
  • (b) industrial IoT

in respect to e.g. security issues, networking issues, big data issues, etc.


  • Welcome and round-call
  • Panel discussion
  • Q&A


  • Daniel Watzenig (Virtual Vehicle GmbH)
  • Andrea Leitner (AVL List GmbH)
  • Thomas Gutt (Infineon Technologies AG)
  • Mathias Grimmer (FILL GmbH)
  • Ruth Breu (University Innsbruck)
  • Drobics Mario (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH)
  • Silvia de la Maza (Innovalia)

The solution approaches of the respective other in regard to the revealed insufficiencies shall then be used to cause learning effects on either side. Additionally, the objective of the session at hand is the interlinking approach between different projects, which shall give an overview of current ongoing research in both concerned areas. In order to create an interactive atmosphere input from all participants will be encouraged in the panel discussion. This discussion will highly include opinions and statements of the audience and will be moderated to equally pay attention to the panel and the audience.

Organised by: Gerald FRITZ (TTTech Computertechnik AG, Grants, Austria)



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