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Collaborative Innovation for the Digital Age

Room L7, 05/12/2018 (17:30-18:15)

The "Digital Age" is like no other than has been before it. The possibility of disruption, the speed of innovation and the global nature of the business provide unparalleled opportunities, and challenges. Collaborative R,D&I is an essential component of making this happen - in the context of the full value chain that the technology serves.

The following Panel members will discuss the need for a radical update of Europe’s natural strength of collaborative innovation

Sandro D’Elia, European Commission- Directorate for Digital Industry

Jean-Michel Duquerrois, Head of System Architecture and R&T projects, Airbus DS SLC

Olaf N. Hartmann, FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency, European and International Programs

Dora Meredith, Senior Coordinator of the UK Chairmanship of EUREKA, Innovate UK

Rob Smeets, Director, Public-Private Partnerships, Philips

Anton Strahilov, Innovationsmanager, EKS InTec GmbH

Arnaud Zoubir, ALPHaNOV

Most of the current collaborative funding support programmes and related processes derive from a different pace and range of innovation. In the future they must transform to meet the requirements of the new digital environment. They must capture ideas from talented innovators and organisations of all sizes and types and rapidly bring them to the point of commercial exploitation. They must adapt rapidly to changing technologies and applications and be flexible to the needs of the innovators. And they must do all of this, at speed, in a global context.

Organised by: Peter CONNOCK (AENEAS, PENTA, France)



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