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Increasing industrial participation in the Research Data Alliance

Room L1, 05/12/2018 (11:30-12:15)

This session has three key objectives centred on the desire to foster partnerships in the context of the Research Data Alliance (RDA):

1. Increase industry awareness of and engagement in the RDA

2. Explore industry use cases, requirements, barriers and objectives in the field of data management and sharing

3. Demonstrate how existing RDA outputs or Interest Group and Working Group activities can be used in public-private partnerships

The RDA is a community-driven membership organisation that seeks to build the social and technical bridges needed to support open research. It does this via global collaborative activity run in a series of member-initiated Interest and Working Groups. Established five years ago, it has grown rapidly to support 6,900 members from over 137 countries. Over half of the membership is based in Europe, a very active space and fertile ground for collaboration.

Although it has achieved rapid growth, RDA industrial partners tend to come from the scholarly publishing sector, however data is a primary concern for a wide variety of industries and commercial providers who play an important role in providing the infrastructure and tools needed.

We see potential for many reciprocal benefits from public-private partnerships in this space. The practices of academia and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) can assist industry in managing and sharing its data, and industrial solutions and technologies can be applied in academia.

Organised by: Sara PITTONET GAIARIN (Trust-IT Services, Italy)



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