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TETRAMAX technology transfer project session for low-energy computing

Room 2.15, 04/12/2018 (17:00-17:45)

The session introduces TETRAMAX as multinational impact-driven approach for tech transfer business, started as H2020 innovation action in 2017. It supports Technology Transfer Experiments (TTX) between academia and industry/SME on customized low-energy computing (CLEC) for Internet of Things or cyber-physical systems. The main activity lines are:

1. Stimulating, organizing and co-funding cross-border TTX providing EU added value via innovative CLEC technologies to first-time users and broad markets in ICT-related industries;

2. Building and leveraging a new European CLEC technology brokerage network offering one-stop shop assistance and trainings to SMEs;

3. Paving the way towards self-sustainability based on customized long-term business plans.

The session objective is to attract the audience for coming calls and support services from 23 competence centers all over Europe through the technology brokerage network. The ambition is to support 50+ industry clients and others with innovative technologies, leading to an estimated revenue increase of €25m based on 50+ new/improved CLEC-based products, 10+ new businesses/SMEs initiated, 30+ new permanent jobs and significant cost/energy savings in product manufacturing. Its predecessor TETRACOM funded many success stories proofing the functionality of the transfer concept. TETRAMAX is part of the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative and collaborates tightly with the project Smart4Europe.

Video presentation

Organised by: Eva HAAS (RWTH Aachen University, Division for EU research funding, Germany)



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