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Harmonising EU and international cybersecurity and privacy: practical steps

Room L1, 06/12/2018 (11:30-12:15)

Cyber-threats continue to increase in numbers and complexity, threatening business, citizens, governments and critical infrastructure globally.

EU policies and legislation such as the GDPR, and Cybersecurity act are being advanced to address threats to governments, businesses and vulnerabilities affecting consumer data and individual privacy. In the US, the focal point is the NIST Framework, while in Japan it is NISC. With such a nascent landscape, harmonisation and a common framework is required not only at national levels but also at European and international levels.

Our session will be the place for international dialogue on this very topic. Shooting from the hip, we’ll have experts from Europe, the US and Japan addressing the key issues towards international harmonisation.

How can we better understand and implement public policies to fight cybersecurity threats while preserving innovation, security research, civil liberties, and individual privacy?

Will the GDPR be taken as an opportunity for businesses to provide trusted and secure services to customers? Will it drive the global digital market or become a barrier?

Europe’s first step at harmonisation of the cybersecurity legislation across the European Union is the Cyber Act (Cybersecurity Package). But how does this compare internationally? How much of a significant issue will this be for SMEs?

Join us for this overview and engaging discussion of important technical, legal, and policy issues.

Video presentation

Organised by: Nicholas FERGUSON (Trust-IT Services LTD, United Kingdom)



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