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STEM Education, NEWTON TEL Project and NEWTELP learning management platform

Room 2.95, 05/12/2018 (09:00-09:45)

NEWTON is a large EU Horizon 2020 project which designs, develops and deploys innovative solutions for Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) involving delivery of state-of-the-art STEM content. The proposed TEL solutions are validated with diverse audiences, which include primary and secondary schools, universities and students with special educational needs in real-life pilots deployed in multiple European locations. The NEWTON innovative technologies involve adaptive and personalised multimedia and multiple sensorial media (mulsemedia) delivery, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)-enhanced learning, Virtual Teaching and Learning Labs (Virtual Labs), Fabrication Labs (Fab Labs) and Gamification. These technologies are used in conjunction with different pedagogical approaches including self-directed, game-based and problem-based learning methods.

During the networking session, it is proposed to present the assessment methodology for all small and large-scale educational pilots carried out as part of the NEWTON project, the applications used and the project platform, NEWTELP, used for all pilots' deployment. This should attract other projects, investors and enterprises focused on STEM education, encouraging a potential partnership with Horizon 2020 NEWTON Project

Video presentation

Organised by: Diana BOGUSEVSCHI (Dublin City University, Horizon 2020 NEWTON Project, School of Electronic Engineering, Ireland)



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