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Imagine AI: Using Storytelling to Create a Vision of Our Flourishing Future

Room L1, 06/12/2018 (10:00-10:45)

The goal of "Imagine AI" is to utilize storytelling techniques to help participants brainstorm what the most positive vision for Artificial Intelligence will bring to Europe ten years from now. While honoring the context of H2020 and future Research and Innovation Programs already in place, this session is designed to paint a picture of how the world could work when all the policies already set in motion regarding responsible AI are as successful as possible.

This work will be guided by European and global thought leaders from The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS) who created Ethically Aligned Design: A Vision for Prioritizing Human Well-Being.

Success for this workshop focuses on the word, "flourishing." Beyond the potential of increased GDP and productivity AI can bring, participants will need to consider the following key issues surrounding AI:

  • The future of employment and automation
  • The future of robotic personhood
  • The future of identity and data

All participants will create a 1-2 minute short story or monologue outlining the "flourishing future" for Europe story featuring "a day in the life" in ten years, focused on themselves or a fictional European citizen.

Organizers will introduce participants to value-based engineering methods that are applied to AI systems. Participants will see how applied ethical thinking works regarding AI and get all the tools they need to develop and present their stories.

Video presentation

Organised by: Clara NEPPEL (IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), Austria)



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