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Inspiring a Digital Society (Hall X3)


Patient Empowerment through Predictive PERsonalised decision support


Area: Inspiring a Digital Society (Hall X3)

Stand number: i14

Pepper, short for Patient Empowerment through Predictive Personalised decision support, is developing an innovative tool to help people with diabetes. Diabetes patients must make frequent, complex calculations to determine the correct insulin dose they need to administer. They test blood glucose levels, factor in the amount of carbohydrates consumed, and account for the impact of a myriad factors including physical activity, stress and illness.

Pepper’s objective is to go beyond existing tools by offering adaptive, personalised decision support to simplify insulin dosage calculation. At the heart of the solution are algorithms that process large amounts of data collected in real-time via wearable devices. The system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make a personalised dose recommendation, with mathematical model-based algorithms adding safety features like predictive glucose alarms, carbohydrate recommendations and automatic insulin suspension.

Website: http://pepper.eu.com/

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