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Common priorities of HPC, Big Data and HiPEAC for post-H2020 era

Room L4, 05/12/2018 (09:00-09:45)

The objective of this session is to present and obtain feedback on the common areas of the future technical and strategical research priorities in the fields of High-Performance Computing, Big Data and High-Performance Embedded Architecture and Compilation.

ETP4HPC (www.etp4hpc.eu, the European High-Performance Computing /HPC/ Technology Platform and BDVA (Big Data Value Association, www.bdva.eu) are the pan-European industry-led associations tasked with the definition of the European research and innovation priorities in the areas of HPC and Big Data respectively. HiPEAC (European Network on High-Performance Embedded Architecture and Compilation, https://www.hipeac.net/) defines the European research roadmap in the fields of High Performance and Embedded systems, both from the points of view of architectures and tools. Both BDVA and ETP4HPC have been invited to join the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking , an initiative of the EC and Member States with an objective to deliver European world-class HPC Exascale systems.

The three organisations have identified the common areas of their (post H20202) FP9 Visions – a result of cross-organisational collaborations, also involving other areas such as IoT and AI.

The audience will be requested to provide feedback on the material presented (drafts or final versions of the Visions and the common areas will available on the webpages of the three organisations in advance). This input will be used to refine the common priorities.

Organised by: Marcin OSTASZ (ETP4HPC, Office, Spain)



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