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Laying the foundations of the EOSC Business Model

Room L1, 04/12/2018 (17:00-17:45)

The EOSC Business model is the critical, non-technical element that will decide the success of the EOSC vision. Given the nature of scientific research and the variety of computational technologies used by scientists in different fields and locations, a federated EOSC environment requires a similarly decentralized business model. A number of inspiring, relevant and timely business models have already been defined by engaged European initiatives which set a positive example for a medium-long term sustainability of the EOSC. Among them, Helix Nebula Science Cloud (HNSciCloud) sustainability model bring together research performing organisations to collectively procure commercial services for their end-users. The purpose of this session is to call European infrastructures, research networks and facilities to debate around the potential business model for the EOSC, starting from the existing funding models already addressed by key actors of the EOSC landscape, and to identify a short list of features to be taken into consideration while defining such a model. The discussion will leverage on the series of requirements for commercial or non-commercial entities defined by EOSC Board; the “Principles of Engagement” elaborated by the EOSCPilot project; as well as the financial models under review by the High-Level Expert Group II on the European Open Science Cloud that will be discussed during the EOSC Summit held in Brussels on 11 June.

Video presentation

Organised by: Sara PITTONET GAIARIN (Trust-IT Services, Italy)



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