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Understanding the World: Bridging Multilingual Knowledge and Translation

Room 2.44, 06/12/2018 (11:30-12:15)

Artificial intelligence (AI) or deep learning (DP) technology has driven our world to a knowledge-based digital world. Machine understanding is the core task in the AI-driven natural language processing (NLP) field, where the semantic knowledge learning, representation and application are the most important components, but the most difficult issues, especially for domain-specific applications, such as biomedical, eHealth etc. Combining the general and domain-specific multilingual knowledge and machine translation technology can tackle these issues to some extent.

The goal of this networking session is to bridge researchers and industry partners from knowledge graph/bases, linked data, machine translation and natural language processing etc. to discuss a better solution to more effectively and efficiently discover, mine, represent, apply and explain multilingual semantic knowledge for better understanding the world and assisting humans. This idea is motivated by the current situation of deep neural networks methodology, i.e. it is difficult to (1) explain what the networks have learned and how the learned semantic knowledge used; (2) seamlessly integrate structured knowledge or prior knowledge from knowledge graph/bases into the deep neural networks.

The outcome can be applied to tasks such as question answering, chatbot, multilingual information retrieval etc. For commercialisation, it can be applied to domains like smart customer service, eHealth, fraud detection etc.

Organised by: Jinhua DU (ADAPT Centre, School of Computing, Dublin City University, Ireland, Ireland)




Dimitar SHTERIONOV, 20/11/2018 18:12

Hello all,

Jinhua has asked me to take over this session. If there are any queries or requests please do get in touch with me at dimitar.shterionov@adaptcentre.ie

Looking forward to seeing you all in Vienna.




Greet BILSEN, 03/12/2018 08:39

I'm very interested in the topic as at KU Leuven (LICT and beyond) we have some research groups focusing on text mining, NLP & machine translations. I will, however, already have left the conference at the time of the session.

Please keep me informed in case something comes out of it. I would also be open tot discuss at some other point of time in Vienna.

Greet Bilsen (greet.bilsen@kuleuven.be)


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