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EU-China: Silk Road Cultural Dialogues

Room 2.31, 05/12/2018 (16:30-17:15)

The overall objective intends to account for China’s “soft power” strategy and Europe's multicultural identity and scope that puts the role of culture in the spotlight. Culture is digitally preserved and exposed and disseminated through digital channels. Various Standards, Techniques and Solutions in the field of digital heritage and cultural expression are used in East and West. Know how transfer and adaptation of common means in this aspect are crucial as to make Sino-European Culture exchange possible and effective. Research projects and exchange will be beneficial for both parts. China is investing in approaching the West. Additional relevant H2020 calls will pave the way to research cooperation and common development of interfaces, Techniques and Solutions.



Introduction, Professor Andreas Georgopoulos, National Technical University Athens


Pitch on the European Status, Antonella Fresa, CEO Promoter S.r.l.,


“Transform the world with culture, together!”, Milena Popova, Business Development Manager, Europeana


Chinese Status, Xiaoming Zhang, Deputy Director of the China National Center for Culture Studies (CASS)


Sample Projects’ Proposals, Konstantinos Konstantinidis, CEO PostScriptum



Organised by: Andreas GEORGOPOULOS (National Technical University of Athens, Laboratory of Photogrammetry, Greece)



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