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(S+T)*ARTS = STARTS (Hall X5)


WEAR (Wearable technologists Engage with Artists for Responsible Innovation)


Area: (S+T)*ARTS = STARTS (Hall X5)

Stand number: X5

WEAR engages artists and designers to work with technologists and engineers to shift wearables and eTextile development towards more sustainable and ethical practices. WEAR has funded 46 projects to develop next generation sustainable and ethical wearable prototypes. WEAR has created a network of stakeholders across Europe and is building a resources guide as part of the Sustainability Strategy Toolkit (SST). The toolkit will be the key legacy of WEAR and we will show its 1st iteration at ICT 2018. Under the STARTS initiative, WEAR (aka STARTS Prototypes) will end in December 2018. However, the ethical and sustainable movement for wearables and smart eTextiles will continue through the teams, mentors and advocacy hubs across Europe. During ICT 2018, WEAR will showcase the final outcomes of the project, including the pan European network, Sustainability Toolkit, the successful funded teams and the legacy of the project. It will also host a demo of the projects and a networking event for investors.

Website: http://www.wearsustain.eu

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