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Driving Digital Transformation – The need for Governing Data Value

Room 1.61-1.62, 04/12/2018 (16:00-16:45)

In order to drive Digital Transformation, the management and exploitation of Data is becoming a critical success factor. However, the understanding as well as proven best practices related to Data Governance are still limited. We aim to establish collaborations to drive European leadership on quantitative data value governance for increased data exploitation innovation.

Data, particularly big data, has become an indispensable commodity. All data has a certain amount of value, and its use results in impacts in different domains, e.g. technical, societal, financial, political. Abstract Data Value Chain models drive data exploitation and value creation initiatives; yet concrete data value metrics are not yet well understood. This inhibits stakeholders from obtaining the maximum benefits from data. This is an obstacle for the European Commission digital single market strategy which seeks to make the most of data.

Data governance is today a rising discipline which is highly relevant when trying to extract value from data sources. Discussion between the parties involved in data exploitation innovation will create awareness and further understanding of the untapped value that data can yield and new ways to utilise data value in business innovation. This networking session will aid in the advancement of data value, the validation of existing models, the definition of metrics for specific data value dimensions, and the definition of requirements for data value governance standards.

Organised by: Markus HELFERT (Dublin City University, School of Computing, Ireland)




Markus HELFERT, 19/11/2018 13:43

If you wish to contribute with a short presentation, please contact the session organiser Markus Helfert (Markus.Helfert[AT]dcu.ie)


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