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Learn how to select the most appropriate cloud offerings for your app!

Room L5, 05/12/2018 (17:30-18:15)

This session is presented by a cluster of cloud-oriented projects (DECIDE, CLOUDPERFECT, ACTiCLOUD, MELODIC, RESTASSURED and COLA).

It is oriented to developers and operators who deploy their applications on the cloud and have concerns about the selection of the most appropriate cloud resources for their application characteristics, with a special focus on performance, security, and availability.

Currently, application developers, when deploying on the cloud, find themselves having to select from a multitude of cloud service offerings even when, in some cases, they do not have all the details or knowledge. This selection is often done following a manual approach that can result in not selecting the most appropriate cloud offering in terms of technology, security cost, support, performance or reliability. In this session, some approaches for solving these issues will be briefly presented but mostly the goal is to listen to software developers and the problems they are facing when dealing with cloud applications.

Session attendees will have the opportunity to discuss challenges and share best practices. They will also learn about new solutions and will be involved in shaping them to become market ready with multi-cloud product/services to address their markets needs and be more competitive and productive.

Video presentation

Organised by: Leire ORUE-ECHEVARRIA (TECNALIA, ICT Division, Spain)



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