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Data Markets in Europe - linking ecosystems for a successful data econ

Room L8, 06/12/2018 (09:00-09:45)

Some EU Member States have already started to specify and/or even establish national data markets, either through the involvement of policy makers or driven by the industry. Beside national data markets providing national data infrastructure, industry specific data markets appear providing data and services for specific industries.

In Austria there is Data Market Austria (https://datamarket.at/), in Germany the Industrial Data Space (http://www.industrialdataspace.de), in France: Dawex (https://www.dawex.com/en/), in Italy SpazioDati (https://spaziodati.eu/en/), in Switzerland the Swiss Data Alliance has just been established. Another good example for an industry related data market is Nallian (https://www.nallian.com/), a cloud based data-sharing platform for logistics.

Outside of the EU we see a number of players in the data market space, like qData in Israel (https://www.q-dx.com/), or dmi.io ‘the marketplace for business data’ in the US (https://dmi.io/).

As the European Data Market is expected to grow on average by 6% annually out to 2020 [IDC study, 04/2018], and in view of the dynamism illustrated by the list above, the objective of this session is threefold:

To identify cross-national industries that are ready today to participate in the data market

To share requirements and technology trends between technologists and business representatives

To initiate a communication platform (potentially as part of BDVA) on the topic of European Data Markets

Organised by: Mihai LUPU (Research Studios Austria, Studio Data Science, Austria)



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