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Designing Smart Objects for Physical Urban Spaces

Room 2.95, 05/12/2018 (16:30-17:15)

The objective of the proposal is the discussion of not satisfied user needs in the urban spaces which can lead to the identification of new trends to follow and which can create new technological solutions. In a scenario where the number and the typology of future technologies (ubiquitous computing, smart objects, wearable devices, big data, etc.) arises, it is fundamental asking how they can be used as a tool that improves people life in the city. Mobility, in particular, is a field where an higher number of new services, corresponding to new user needs, can be realized to improve the overall user experience. In order to accomplish this goal, special devices are required, different from those we are used to, since they need specific technological characteristics not present in the current devices. The objective of this proposal is double: from one side it intends to identify new areas of study related to the user experience in the physical urban environment, from the other side it aims to identify specific solutions (concepts) to implement in the future. The identification of these solutions needs to be cross-disciplinary, since it requires experts from different areas, such as: anthropology and sociology (to focus on the identification of needs and behaviors of different user, e.g. young and senior), product and interaction design (for the identification of the material and interactive characteristics of the products), technology (to identify the technical elements), etc.

Organised by: Antonio OPROMOLLA (Link Campus University, Italy)



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