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Industry and cybersecurity: future together

Room L5, 04/12/2018 (16:00-16:45)

Cybersecurity is progressively becoming one of the major issues for both SMEs & industrial domain. Recent trends in industry show an increasing utilization of smart and more connected technologies towards transforming and innovating in their businesses. These technologies render primary targets objective for malicious users, making them very vulnerable to attacks. Taking into account the fact that SMEs usually cannot afford experts in cybersecurity or access to tools that could protect them, they can easily turn into very attractive targets.

Similarly, market oriented reports highlight the growing importance of different technologies to boost and change the economy. Several reports also highlight that security, trust and privacy are key barriers preventing taking full benefit of these technologies.

In this respect, we aim to:

• introduce research and innovation projects working on security assessment & solutions to improve security

• hold and facilitating discussions with relevant stakeholders (e.g. relevant industries, relevant EU research projects, academics, etc.) about the new cybersecurity threats & industrial needs

• identify the main roadmap & pragmatic approaches

• the trending areas of industry and their cybersecurity needs will be identified

• discuss the way cybersecurity supports industry & create new business opportunities

The previous topics will derive in an open discussion about how cybersecurity is a key pillar for the advancements of industry in Europe

Organised by: Jose Francisco RUIZ (Atos, Cybersecurity Laboratory, Spain)



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