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Co -Creation through co creating

Room L1, 05/12/2018 (16:30-17:15)

The objective of the proposed session is to provide a platform to the interdisciplinary R&D communities active in the field of “ageing and technology”, most notably those in design and engineering, on the one hand, and those working in the social sciences, on the other, and explore ways how they can work together effectively around a shared interest: The role of information and communication technologies in the lives of older people, in the context of ageing societies, and rapid technological change.

There is a general agreement about the importance of co-creation in design, and the proposed session will explore new ways of realizing this for ageing and technology: Where technologists do not always understand the life worlds of older people, social scientists have ample experience in researching later life and ageing. Social scientists, on the other hand, often lack the insights into what is technologically possible, what technologies and solutions already exists. There is thus a lot to be gained by bringing these communities together, and jointly explore examples and methods of co-creation that bring the insights of technologists, social scientists and older people into a fruitful dialogue.

Organised by: Denice MOI THUK SHUNG (ZonMw, Netherlands)



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