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My Neighbor is a Robot! Reality, Possibilities and Implications

Room L5, 06/12/2018 (10:00-10:45)

As recipients of EC's Horizon 2020 project grant n° 779942, the Crowdbot team has commenced R&D activities in the area of robotics and artificial intelligence as of Jan 1 2018. Our objective is safe navigation of mobile robots in dense human crowd environment. Our pursuit is technical: developing new technologies to overcome limitations of current robots in their proximity-sensing and navigation capabilities.

Two topics outside the scope of Crowdbot but with implication to the larger digital society are: operational roles of such robots and acceptance of their coexistence in our daily lives. We plan to use this session to share our thoughts as well as solicit viewpoints from participants. Specifically, we will

1) Reality: share with participants state-of-the-art technologies in social robots (intelligent autonomous machines that can move and interact with humans).

2) Possibilities: highlight possible trajectories of such robotic applications in future living and working environments and preview areas where technical challenges still exist. Follow-on opportunities (technology roadmaps and funding needs) beyond current H2020 project will be stated.

3) Implications: interact, collect and exchange viewpoints with participants pertaining to the use of robots in daily environments. Topics include robotics ethics and safety concerns, social and welfare implications, gain versus cost trade-offs, operational scenarios ideal for robots versus humans, etc.

Organised by: Ceilidh HOFFMANN (INRIA (French National Institute for Computer Science and Informatics), France)



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