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AI meets Human Consciousness – Is there Machine Consciousness?

Room L4, 06/12/2018 (11:30-12:15)

The proposed networking session aims to provoke a cross disciplinary discussion on consciousness. Specifically, we target to tackle the fundamental question on whether and how artificial intelligence and machine consciousness share some commonalities with human consciousness. The session lays on Luminous, a FETOpen H2020 Project Starlab is coordinating that addresses “Studying, Measuring and Altering Consciousness through Information Theory in the Electrical Brain”. Briefly, our vision in Luminous is that consciousness will someday be electromagnetically measured and altered, and that the associated needed insights will prove crucial to the development of cognitive sciences. Inspired by recent developments in neuroscience and the potential role of fundamental concepts we study, model, quantify, and alter observable aspects of consciousness in humans. Given the relationship of these goals with the broad concepts of information and complexity we expect the achievement of these goals to affect the understanding of consciousness within other disciplines. Indeed there are plenty definitions on consciousness, which closely depend on the generating discipline. This networking session will bring those differences together, aiming to create a transdisciplinary consensus document on consciousness, the “Vienna Declaration on Artificial and Human Consciousness”.

Organised by: Isil TEKELI (Starlab, Spain)




Isil TEKELI, 20/11/2018 16:50

If you would like to already post questions/doubts/comments to boost the discussion on the ICT event, you can use the hashtag #ICTconscious and let us know of your point of view on human/machine consciousness. :) Looking forward to seeing you in the event!


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